Ultra IPTV Kodi Addon installation guide

Ultra IPTV Kodi Addon

Ultra IPTV Kodi Addon is one of the best add-ons for watching Live channels for sports, movies etc.. It provides us with the sections for various different languages like English, French, Spanish, German, Greek, Arabic and many other languages. One can able to watch TV shows from all over the world. Both HD and SD videos are available. For children, it contains cartoons channels, movies, sports, stories etc..

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Streaming TV Channels, movies and TV shows using third party Kodi addons are illegal. Your streaming activities can be monitored by your ISP and can end you up in trouble. So before installing a Kodi IPTV addon, you need to make sure if your internet connection is encrypted and secured. All you need is a VPN to secure your connection and stay anonymous from the radar of your ISP.

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Ultra IPTV Kodi Addon is from the Cazlo repository. Below the step for installation of Ultra IPTV Kodi Addon is given.

Steps to Ultra IPTV Kodi Addon

  1. Click on the settings icon on the top left corner of the Kodi homepage.

2. Click on the file manager.

3. Double click on the add source.

4. Click None.

5. Type the link correctly as http://cazlo.com/repo/ and click ok.

6. Enter the media source name here its ultra and click ok.

7. Click ok.

8. Go back to the Kodi homepage and click on the Add-ons.

9. Click on the package installer icon.

10. Click on the install from zip file.

11. Select the media source name given, here its ultra.

12. Click on repository.cazlo-2.0.zip.

13. A popup appears on the top right corner ras Cazlo repository is installed.

14. Click on the install from repository.

15. Click on Cazlo Repository.

16. Click on the Video Add-ons.

17. Select the Ultra IPTV.

18. Click on the installation icon on the bottom right corner.



Thus the Ultra IPTV Kodi Addon is successfully installed. In case of any doubt on the installation of Ultra IPTV Kodi Addon, leave your comments below. We keep on updating our article.

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